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Spotting the Signs of Addiction

Last updated 3 years ago

Every drug addict experiences this complex disease in a different way. Some people are particularly vulnerable to drug addiction because they suffer from mental disorders, or childhood abuse or neglect. Drug addiction can stem from drug abuse and it involves changes to the brain, physical effects, and psychological changes. If you suspect someone you love could be suffering from drug addiction, you can seek help at your community hospital. St. Petersburg General Hospital offers addiction recovery services.

Behavioral Changes

Individuals who are struggling with drug addiction often display behavioral changes. You might notice that your loved one is frequently absent from school or work, or that his or her performance has suffered. Your loved one may act secretively or suspiciously, and he or she may suddenly have financial problems. Drug addicts must often borrow or steal money to pay for the drugs. Sometimes, when a person becomes addicted to drugs, he or she begins to hang out with a new group of friends, avoid previously enjoyed hobbies, and frequent new hangouts. Other behavioral changes that may indicate drug addiction include frequently getting into fights or otherwise getting into trouble.

Physical Symptoms

The physical signs of drug addiction can vary depending on the specific drug that is being abused. Your loved one may have blood shot eyes, or his or her pupils may be dilated. You may notice abrupt weight gain or loss, and changes in sleeping patterns. As addiction grows worse, individuals often neglect personal grooming. Poor coordination, slurred speech, and muscle tremors are other signs of drug addiction.

Psychological Problems

Drug addiction can have a significant effect on an individual’s psychological well-being. Your loved one may suddenly display personality or attitude changes. He or she may engage in outbursts, have unusual hyperactivity, or experience abrupt mood swings. He or she may appear to lack motivation, be lethargic, or be agitated. Unusual paranoia, anxiety, and fearfulness may also mean that your loved one is suffering from drug addiction.

If you or a family member requires addiction intervention, you can find the resources you need at St. Petersburg General Hospital. In addition to our addiction recovery services, our community hospital includes a women’s center, stroke center, birthing center, and breast cancer center. To request a referral to a specialist at our hospital, call our Consult-A-Nurse line at (888) 741-5122.


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