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Reasons to Consider a Hysterectomy

Last updated 3 years ago

The removal of a woman’s uterus is often a final measure when other treatment options have been exhausted. Though a hysterectomy entails invasive care, it can be the most effective and permanent solution to many reproductive issues. St. Petersburg General Hospital encourages our female patients to discuss their concerns with our OBGYN staff should they have questions about how a hysterectomy works and what benefits it can provide. Here’s a look at some of the common reasons women consider undergoing this procedure.

Uterine Cancer

Cancer treatment can take several different courses. Options such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy can eradicate cancer cells throughout the body and shrink malignant tumors, but cancer care specialists often recommend surgery if the cancer site is accessible. In particular, the surgical removal of the uterus may be necessary in the event of a uterine cancer diagnosis. Removing the uterus completely can help ensure the halt of malignant cell growth.


Endometriosis is a condition that can cause great discomfort and inconvenience for sufferers. When uterine tissue grows excessively or beyond the confines of the uterus, it can also lead to chronic bleeding. To stem the effects of endometriosis, an OBGYN specialist might first recommend medication or localized removal of the endometrial tissue. If these tactics fail to provide a desired level of comfort and the patient has no wish to become pregnant, a hysterectomy can often remedy this condition.

Uterine Prolapse

The uterus is held in place by a network of muscles. However, circumstances such as menopause and childbirth can strain these tissues and cause the uterus to descend into the cervix or vaginal canal. Like endometriosis, uterine prolapse can cause significant, ongoing pain. If conservative measures such as muscle exercises cannot reposition the uterus, a hysterectomy may be the ideal option.

St. Petersburg General Hospital offers personalized OBGYN services to suit you and your medical needs. If you would like to learn more about our hysterectomy services, call us at (888) 741-5122. Our Consult-A-Nurse representatives in St. Petersburg are available to discuss your concerns and direct you to the appropriate medical personnel.


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