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Seconds Count: Treating a Stroke

Last updated 3 years ago

With every breath you take, you allow your brain to receive the oxygen it needs to function. If an artery that supplies oxygenated blood to the brain experiences a rupture or blockage, it can cause extensive brain damage. Should a stroke continue for an extended period of time, it can even cause death. That is why St. Petersburg General Hospital offers emergency care to quickly and capably address stroke symptoms with the following treatment options.

Ruptured Vessel Closure

Hemorrhagic strokes can lead to loss of life if they are not addressed as soon as possible. This type of stroke occurs when a blood vessel in the brain bursts open, preventing the brain from getting the continual supply of oxygen and nutrients it requires. Stroke care experts can address hemorrhagic strokes with vessel closure through either catheter or surgical means.

Clot Dissolving Treatment

Most strokes result from an arterial obstruction that deprives the brain of oxygenated blood. Like a hemorrhagic stroke, an ischemic attack can cause rapid brain damage and lead to death. If an ischemic stroke is diagnosed quickly, though, stroke care specialists may be able to introduce a clot dissolving agent into the obstructed artery. This agent can break up the substances that form the clot and restore normal blood flow.

Surgical Clot Removal

Under some circumstances, an ischemic stroke may demand surgical intervention. If clot dissolving treatment is not an option, a surgeon may manually remove the clot. In some cases, the use of a catheter may also facilitate the removal of the obstruction. The surgical removal of the arterial obstruction must be done as soon as possible to provide the best possible patient outcome.

Rapid diagnosis of stroke is the first step to getting swift medical treatment. St. Petersburg General Hospital can help you better understand how to identify and address stroke symptoms. For more information on stroke prevention and treatment, call our St. Petersburg hospital at (888) 741-5122.


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